Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization has a very wide scope of application in an increasingly information and knowledge driven society. It also uses techniques, concepts and theories from a wide range of disciplines. For such reasons, The structure of this event is mapped many symposiums that changes dynamically from year to year. We encourage symposium submission from the advocates of the field in an area that they are actively represented.Proposal applications should include the following information:

1. Title: A title of the symposium and suitable acronym used is appropriate.

2. Brief outline of scope or theme and listing up to 10 bullet points of keywords or phrases. (An example text from other symposia is available here.)

3. Full contact details that will be included in the publicity materials and your affiliation.

Please also send your advise on the followings:

  • Sources of publicity, i.e. mailing list, journals with calendar (optional)
  • List of programme committee for your symposium (optional)
  • Possible tutorial sessions based on the theme of your symposium. (optional)

The least number of papers necessary to run a symposium is 6 accepted papers.

Important Notes

The dates of all the conference deadlines are available @ Important Dates.

Please submit symposium proposal through by emailing to GraphicsLink Secretariat (