Digital Art, and Online Gallery

A number of invited speakers and tutorial sessions will review current state-of-the-art developments and outline future directions. This embedded with the current research being undertaken in industry and in academia will provide coverage of the salient aspects and sub-areas of visualization and graphics. Such work will be presented in a series of symposia.One of which is the ‘DIGITAL ART’ symposium and digital art gallery.


Digital Art Gallery provides a further opportunity to present works of art that represent how new technology stretches the boundaries of creativity even further. All the entries for this section encouraged to be submitted with a short paper or at least a few paragraphs explaining the artwork in not more than two A-4 size pages. Those with technical, artistic emphasis and accompanied with the image reproductions may be published in the proceedings under the Digital Art section. The programme committee will review these entries and it will be presented in a special symposium. 2-D and 3-D Digital work will be exhibited on-line D-ART Gallery. You may find further detail on paper submission page.


Important Notes

Authors are invited to send their extended abstract or the full paper to the chairperson of symposium.

Artists are invited to submit their current digital artwork for exhibition in CGiV2019- DIGITAL ART GALLERY.

The dates of all the conference deadlines are available @ Important Dates.

Please submit digital artwork proposal by emailing to GraphicsLink Secretariat (