"Wynken, Blynken, and Oz" - Corinne Whitaker

"Digital sculptors have been dreaming of magical journeys into the land of zeros and ones for as long as we could create in 3D, and even before when we waited for the technology to catch up with our dreams. We yearned for curves, for organic shapes. We were hemmed in by edges and corners, the building blocks of the digital world. We knew that the larger Universe was probably lop-sided and we wanted to follow that vision. But we had to use non-digital materials to bring our dreams out of the electronic world and into the solid realm.

We also knew that another species would soon be replacing our own.  We were willing to cross the borders of biological sanity and imagine  creatures that were not mirror-images of ourselves – hybrid species, multiple limbs, beings that never fart, don’t wet their beds, and don’t throw up over Mars. As the borders between living and nonliving began to dissolve, we imagined a species that could exist in the synapses of consciousness, nanorobotic forms that might not recognize us as their ancestors, and might not want to.

3D printing brought the magical world of tomorrow into today’s sculptural toolbox. We are voyaging where others have not, inventing materials that did not exist yesterday, envisioning new realities. We have become travelers into an unknown land. And oh how we love it!"