LUD: 31Jan2024


The following symposium requires a principal and support coordinator:

o   Current CFP text for some of the following are available from

o   New Symposia Proposal guide -


Information Visualisation

o   IVE-Information Visualization Evaluation (Coordinator)

o   HCI-Human-Computer Interaction for Information Visualization (Support Coordinator)

Knowledge Visualisation

o   MuVis-Music Visualization (Support Coordinator)

o   Visual Literacy & communication (New Coordinator)

AI/ML, Visual Analytics, and Visual Knowledge Discovery

o   AI-EVC-1st Symposium on AI-Empowered Visual Computing (Support Coordinator)

o   VDSML-Visualization in Data Science and Machine Learning (Coordinator)

o   AIVDC- Advances in Interactive and Visual Data Clustering (Coordinator)

o   GAIM-Generative AI Models (New Coordinator)

o   AI & SOCIETY (New Coordinator)

Visual Methods in Big Data, social, and business analytics

o   SSNN- Social Issues Analysis and Visualisation (Coordinator)


o   Design visualization‎ (Coordinator)

o   ARVA-Augmented Reality Visualization and Art (Support Coordinator)

o   D-ART-Symposium of Digital Art and Gallery (Support Coordinator)

o   VIS-Visualization (Coordinator)

o   VAD-Visualization, Art, & Design (Coordinator)

o   CAivDE-Computer Animation, Information Visualisation, and Digital Effects (Support Coordinator)

o   DE-Digital Entertainment (Coordinator)

o   CGa-Computer Games and their applications (Coordinator)

Biomedical Visualization & Bioinformatics


Geometric Modelling and Imaging

o   GMAI-Geometric Modelling and Imaging (Coordinator)

Built_IV - Visualisation in Information Visualisation

o   Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments (Coordinator)

o   SBH-ResearcherLink in Sustaining Built Heritage (Coordinator)

o   VH_APAU-Visualisation for the Heritage of Asia-Pacific Architecture and Urbanism ((Support Coordinator)