iV2014 - 18th International Conference

Information Visualisation

15, 16, 17 and 18 July 2014

University of Paris Descartes ParisFrance





The World-wide Web has evolved rapidly and is the largest information repository of the world. Visualization can be utilized for effective navigation and information retrieval from the Web. Visualization techniques are also useful for analysis of the usage as well as the evolution of the web itself. The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss the challenges of developing efficient, commercially viable visualization systems for the World-wide Web.


The symposium will seek original papers concerning, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Web Graph Visualization
  • Visualization/Analysis of Web Logs
  • Visualization of Web Ecologies
  • Visualization of Search Engine Results
  • Visualization/Analysis of E-commerce Transactions
  • Semantic Web Visualization
  • Experience/Usability Studies of Real-World Web Visualization systems
  • Programming Toolkits/Paradigms for Visualization  

Submission procedures: http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/PAPERS.htm

Further information: http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/ 





All other enquiries and submissions should be addressed to:
Conference Co-ordinator