iV2014 - 18th International Conference

Information Visualisation

15, 16, 17 and 18 July 2014

University of Paris Descartes Paris France



5th International Symposium

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is the analysis of information that is produced and exists through the social interaction of people and intelligent systems on global networks. Social media environments have broken the traditional information flow from media producers (news agencies, etc.) to consumers. Through online environments such as blogs, forums, wikis and media sharing sites, anyone can be a producer of information. While these new media environments have had a positive impact on our social and working environments, they also pose new risks and challenges. Social media is seductive – they’re easy to install and use, virtually cost-free, and have the ability to reach audiences around the world while remaining relatively anonymous. Understanding the nature, relationships and content of social media is essential for effective situational awareness in business intelligence, counter terrorism and insider threat scenarios.

Topics of interest to this symposium include methods of visualizing, summarizing or otherwise assessing situational awareness within social media. Other topics (e.g., content harvesting techniques, analysis environments, novel user experiences, etc) may also be considered.  

Submission procedures: http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/PAPERS.htm

Further information: http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/ 


All enquiries about Social Media Analytics should be addressed to symposium chairs:
Andrew J. Cowell, Ph.D.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
All other enquiries and submissions should be addressed to:

Conference Co-ordinator

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