iV2014 - 18th International Conference

Information Visualisation

15, 16, 17 and 18 July 2014

University of Paris Descartes Paris France



7th International Symposium

Computer Games and their applications


The industry of computer games is a flourishing reality since several decades. Several issues on their future are going to be presented and discussed at the symposium since the availability of hardware and software platforms is widening their use, breadth, capabilities and (of course) impact on increasingly large audiences. Moreover, computer games engines offer, nowadays, also a mature environment for non-ludic applications that can leverage on their graphical capabilities to offer interactive virtual environments for educational applications. The advantage is that the overall result is available on standard PCs, that make any result immediately available to a large audience.


The interest of the research in non-ludic applications is witnessed by the rapidly growing industry that features the use of interactive games technology within non-entertainment sectors; the trend is showing an organized industry of developers using cutting-edge entertainment technologies to solve problems in areas as diverse as education, health-care, national defense, homeland security, analytics, corporate management and more. Several commercial games are used for purposes that are not entertainment related, such as SimCity and Civilization, but many titles are built with an educational purpose in mind, such as Virtual University, 3D Driving Academy etc.

We want to provide an opportunity to researchers in the field to discuss and present their research. The objective of the symposium is to cover state-of-the-art results, present and discuss key research issues and outline future directions of computer games and their applications in any field, not necessarily bound to entertainment. The setting of the symposium would encourage and stimulate discussions among the researchers and the audience.


Papers presenting original research within the theme of "Computer Games and their applications" are being sought. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):


  • Exploring new game genres for future Games
  • Exploring new hardware (Multicore-CPU, GPU, Cell) for future Games
  • Development tools and techniques for games
  • Games and Accessibility
  • Educational games
  • Game-engine based reconstruction of cultural heritage
  • Game-based Policy/management environment
  • Authoring environment
  • Game-engine based cooperative multi-user environment
  • Game-based application for Public-health
  • Games in the mobile and ubiquitous setting
  • Location-based games


Submission procedures: www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/PAPERS.htm

Further information: www.graphicslink.co.uk/IV2014/




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Email: vitsca@dia.unisa.it, dechiara@dia.unisa.it, ugoerr@dia.unisa.it

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