iV2013 - VBI

1st International Symposium 

Visualisation and Business Intelligence

15, 16, 17 and 18 July 2013

SOAS - University of London ● London ● UK ●



Visualizations play a key role in Business Intelligence (BI), a domain where data, knowledge and users are tightly related. Visualisations in BI must be intuitive and must support an interactive, collaborative and ubiquitous discovery process. These visualisations must deal both with data and knowledge exploration, and also with presentation of results to managers. Data in BI are stored in Data Warehouses and are generally large, heterogeneous, geo-localized and time-dependent. In addition, the discovery process involving visualisations in BI is necessarily interactive and highly user-centred. In this context, visualisations in BI must be dynamic and are not only concerned with the representation of data and knowledge, but also with the representation of operators acting on data. The results of an analysis in BI have to be presented to managers, which concerns not only the produced knowledge but also the facts that support this knowledge. Here visualisations can be used to report on the results and on the discovery process, a task where visualisations aesthetics and innovative technologies for data presentation come into play.


BI thus creates important challenges in the visualisation domain. The aim of this symposium is precisely to make a state of the art and to contribute to these challenging objectives by covering all aspects of interactive visualisations in BI, from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:


  Visual OLAP, data cubes, dynamic cross tables,

  Visualisations for dashboards, score cards, key performance indicators , reporting

  Visualisations for big data,

  Visualisations for mobile BI,

  Visualisations and cloud computing,

  Collaborative visualisations for BI,

  Visualisation of time-dependent data, geo-localized data, maps, multidimensional data, hierarchies,

  Visualisation of knowledge, visualisations for decision support in BI

  Interactions, interactive knowledge discovery, visual operators on data and knowledge, graphical requests,

  Visual analytics, integration of visualisations and data mining methods for BI

  Innovative visual presentations and reporting of results, aesthetics in visualisations, use of advanced technologies for data/knowledge presentation,

  Visualisations for CRM, market basket analysis, strategic watch, education, open data

  User and case studies, reports on real cases and experiments


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Important Dates:

1 March 2013 Submission of papers & Submission of tutorials: https://www.conftool.net/IV2013/ <will be available shortly>

05 May 2013 Submission of camera-ready & early registration closes


Symposium Chair:


Dr. Fatma Bouali, University of Lille 2, France



Prof. Alfredo Cuzzocrea, ICAR-CNR & University of Calabria, Italy



Prof. Gilles Venturini, University Francois Rabelais of Tours, France



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