CGiV2017 14th International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization

22 May - 25 May, 2017

Cadi Ayyad University ● Marrakesh ● Morocco ●

International Symposium Forensic Digital Imaging


The international Forensic Digital Imaging Symposium will focus on every aspect of forensic investigations of image and video material. Efforts in the fields of training, education, research and development are reviewed. Many experts will testify in court, but questions may arise about whether the software used has been validated. We have seen several cases where the wrong conclusions were drawn based on e.g. photogrammetry. New developments in this field are needed; however, in forensic science a good validation of procedures is necessary. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:


Image enhancement/image restoration




Photogrammetry/3D Reconstruction

Content-based retrieval in video sequences and forensic image databases

Enhancing, extracting, and matching patterns (fingerprints, toolmarks, shoe prints, impressions).

Image Databases

Image and Video Surveillance Processing

watermarking techniques

Digital Image Archiving

Standards for formats, color and compression

JPEG 2000 & MPEG

Scanning and image capture

Image quality

Indexing and metadata

OCR & document processing

Electronic Archiving

Indexing, search and retrieval

Metadata standards

Components and architecture

Content and digital asset management

Digital rights management

Records management


Case Studies

Digital archives

Museum collections


Film archives

Photographic collections

Medical records

Personal digital archives

Strategies and Practices

Investigating integrity of images and video

Identification of persons, cars, and other objects

Interpretation of actions and movements

Extraction, formulation and explanation of conclusions

Medico-legal issues related to imaging.

Preservation and migration

Access and copyright

Digital vs. conventional


Analog video and image investigation

Digital imaging systems

Investigation of CCTV systems and Camera systems

Cameras and digital processing



Submission of Workshop and Tutorial ideas are also welcome.

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Prof. Mourad NACHAOUI


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