CGiV2013 - International Symposium
Intelligent Recognition Techniques, Applications, Systems & Tools - IRTAST

6-8 August, 2013

● University of Macau ● Macau ● China


Intelligent Recognition Techniques, Applications, Systems and Tools (IRTAST) are extremely useful in a number of academic and industrial settings. Specifically, Intelligent Recognition plays a significant role in multidisciplinary problem solving. It is extremely useful for personal identification in various situations like security, banking, police, postal services, etc. In particular, various problems like character recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, license plate recognition, fingerprint recognition, signature recognition, Sign Language Recognition etc., can be intelligently solved and automated. In addition to its critical importance in the traditional fields of character recognition, natural language processing, and personal identification, more recently, the Intelligent Recognition methods have also proven to be indispensable in a variety of modern industries, including computer vision, robotics, medical imaging, visualization, and even media.


This symposium aims to provide a forum, which focuses on interdisciplinary research and up-to-date methodologies in the area. It aims to disseminate the international community with a variety of techniques, applications, systems and tools necessary for various real life problems in the theme. Papers presenting original research with the theme of IRTAST are being sought. Scope of the symposium topics includes but is not limited to:


  Character Recognition

  Vehicle License Plate Recognition

  Cheques Recognition

  Logo Recognition

  Fingerprint Matching

  Personal Authentication Using Palm-Print Features

  IRIS Recognition

  Human Face Recognition

  Recognition Of Dynamic Hand Gestures

  Full-Body Person Recognition

  Refugee And POW Identification

  Verification For Time And Attendance Reporting

  Point-Of-Sale Identity Verification

  Inmate Identity Verification

  Identification For Residential Access And Security Alarm

  Identification In Travel And Transportation

  Identification In Manufacturing

  Identification In Postal Services

  Identification In Border Control

  Image Retrieval

  Image Matching

  Object Recognition

  Mine Recognition

  Signature Verification

  Speech Recognition

  Detection Of Textile Defects

  X-Ray Agricultural Product Inspection

  Recognition Of Digital Curves

  Edge Detection

  Other Applications In Intelligent Recognition

  Sensing And Data Acquisition In Intelligent Recognition

  Performance Evaluation In Intelligent Recognition

  Architectures For Large-Scale Identification In Intelligent Recognition

  Real-Time Embedded Systems In Intelligent Recognition

  Standardization In Intelligent Recognition


Submission Deadlines:

Submission guidelines and instructions at:


Special Post Conference Publications

In addition to the regular IEEE Edited Book proceedings, it has been planned to have the following Two Special Journal Issues for the selected papers:


The extended versions of the selected papers will be published in the International Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing:  WWW.IGI-GLOBAL.COM/IJCVIP.

All submissions should be addressed to:


Prof. Muhammad Sarfraz,

Chairman, cgiv IRTAST

Department of Information Science,

Kuwait University,

Safat # 5969, Kuwait 13060.

Tel. : +965-4983109

Fax. : +965-4983109

Email :

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