CGiV2013 - International Symposium
Education and Industry Partnerships in Visualization, EIP

6-8 August, 2013

● University of Macau ● Macau ● China


Once research conclusions are made, too often the application of the findings are not further applied to specific industrial problems. Thus partnerships between industry and education provide bi-lateral relationships that provide unique insights into the application of theoretical research to applied business and industry problems. Within the realm of information visualization, such partnerships can lead to vital improvements in existing methodologies as well as far reaching implications for the public at large. This symposium will provide a forum within which the important aspects of these joint ventures may be expounded. Original papers, focusing on Education and Industry Partnerships are being sought. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

         Establishing Education/Industry Partnerships

         Industrial Perspectives

         Education Perspectives Courses, Books, student projects, curriculum

         Funding Issues

         Intellectual Property Right Issues

         Contrasts Between Perspectives

         Applications of Visualization Research

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Conference Co-ordinator

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