SBH2017 RESEARCHER LINK: Sustaining Built Heritage

22-25 Feb 2017

The British University of Egypt ● Cairo ● Egypt ●



Doctoral Research Workshop

A full-day Event: Tuesday 21 Feb 2017 - Time: 9:30 -16:30

Doctoral Research Workshop

Sustaining Built Heritage

-Internet of Things, Remote Sensed, Big Data and Visual Analytics of Built Cultural Heritage for quality of life, social welfare and economic impact –

Organised by


BuiltViz2017 - 11th International Conference Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments


In cooperation with

 CMU  BUE_final_logo




11th International Conference Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments (BuiltViz2017) is an international conference that aims to provide a foundation for integrating the human-centred, technological and strategic aspects of Built Environment Information Visualisation in order to promote international exchange, cooperation and development. Building upon the reported success of previous workshop, BuiltViz is pleased to announce the11th Doctoral Research Workshopwhich will run as part of the RESEARCHER LINK: Sustaining Built Heritage (RESEARCHER LINK- SBH2017)).


Doctoral Research workshop

This workshop focuses on the issues that doctoral students face during their studies and includes following interactive sessions – the theme for this year workshop – Impact Design for your research -



For further information contact:

Prof. Ebad Banissi, Email: banisse@lsbu.ac.uk

If you are interested in attending this event then please contact:

Email: banisse@lsbu.ac.uk