MEDiVIS 2013

10th International Conference

BioMedical Visualization

University of London ● London ● UK

15, 16, 17 and 18 July 2013

Theme and scope…

MediViz has evolved rapidly from its original concentration purely on medical visualisation and is now possibly the leading interdisciplinary forum for researchers and professionals in the bio-medical domain to exchange ideas and report results on visualisation within their disciplines to the wider world. It thus provides important support for researchers who are faced increasingly with the necessity of adopting a multidisciplinary approach to address the problems faced in pushing forward the boundaries of modern medicine.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Multi-scale Bio-Medical Structure Sensing, Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation”. Of particular interest is the capture and early processing of natural data to be used as input for external and internal biomedical structure definition. Papers are encouraged which demonstrate the measurement and modelling of the dynamics of biomedical data and structures; these may range from the microscopic, cellular level to the macroscopic organ or whole-patient level.

These structures often undergo constrained interactions which need to be measured and realistically simulated in order to understand the fundamental processes, to facilitate the development of bio-medical products or to enable advances in critical bio-medical applications such as life-saving patient treatment.

At the microscopic level, examples are the exciting developments that now visibly link nuclear and cytoplasmic structural changes in cells to changes in their environment, for example induced by drugs, radiation or other novel agents being explored in the quest for new diagnostic or therapeutic techniques. At the macroscopic scale, examples are the characterisation, simulation and prediction of internal and external body movements for robot assisted (radio)surgery, intensity modulated and image guided (radio)therapy, and the emerging modality of ion-beam therapy.

Quality of life, encompassing recovery patterns and rehabilitation following treatment is an important, but often neglected theme. In this age of evidence-based medicine, how do we objectively define and visualise recovery patterns following treatments that impact on patient mobility, hearing, speech and vision. Hence, papers addressing the evolution of new biomedical and clinical tools and their likely impact are especially welcome.

Papers are invited that address information visualisation, from the microscopic to the macroscopic level, in biomedical, biomechanical and other related fields. These include:


  • Quantitative imaging and measurement of biomedical structures.
  • Animation, simulation and predictive modelling.
  • Interaction, deformation, growth and evolution of biomedical structures.
  • Models, including physico-scientific, particle, implicit surfaces, finite element etc.
  • Multi-modality visualisation, searching, characterisation and comparison of complex structures.
  • Surface, volume, dynamic and sensory data reduction, mapping and user representation.
  • Display and interaction technologies, including VR, augmentation, stereoscopic, haptics etc.
  • Image & computer applications, including screening, diagnostics, surgery & cancer therapy.
  • Human interfacing, virtual image projection, retinal projection, tactile and sound stimuli etc.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.
  • Emerging technologies.


Submission procedures:

Further information:



Important Dates:

1 March 2013 – Submission of papers & Submission of tutorials:

05 May 2013 – Submission of camera-ready & early registration closes

All MEDiVIS questions and submissions should be addressed to:

Urska Cvek, Sc.D., MBA

Computer Science Department

Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Email: ucvek (AT)


Georges Grinstein, Ph.D.

Computer Science Department

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Email: grinstein (AT)


Marjan Trutschl, Sc.D.

Computer Science Department

Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Email: mtrutsch (AT)


Dr. Heimo Müller,

Medical University of Graz, Austria


All other enquiries and submissions should be addressed to:
Conference Co-ordinator

Instructions for Authors
Reviewing is applied to all submitted papers. Authors are invited to upload full original papers to the conference online submission system by March 1, 2013. Electronic submissions (PDF) are preferred and should be formatted according to the instructions for papers at The final manuscripts for full papers are expected to be no more than 6 pages - up to 4 excess pages may be purchased and is set by publisher at 30GBP per page. 

With the camera ready paper submission for publication, you agree to pay the registration fee (or reduced registration fee if your registration form is received on or before the early registration date) and published papers must be presented by at least one of the authors

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