iV2017 21st International Conference

Information Visualisation

11 - 14 July 2017

London South Bank University ● London ● UK ●

1.    An introduction to visual mining of temporal data

Pr Gilles Venturini, University Francois Rabelais of Tours, France


Title: An introduction to visual mining of temporal data

Language: English

Speaker: Pr Gilles Venturini



This tutorial proposes an introduction to the domain of interactive visualizations for temporal data (and sequences). To begin, the properties of temporal data will be quickly surveyed as well as standard concepts in visualization. Then a state of the art of visual methods that deal with a time dimension will be done. Considering the large amount of work in this area, some typical and representative visualizations will be selected (such as time lines, spirals, metaphors, etc) and commented (especially with a data mining perspective).


Time allocation

9:00am to13:00pm

Temporal Data, Interactive Visualisation, Standards and Metaphores


Data Mining

Level of tutorial

The workshop is open for all levels.



Gilles Venturini is Professor at the University Francois-Rabelais of Tours. His research interests include the interfaces between the data or data mining tools and the users or domain experts, and more precisely complex data visualisation, visual data mining and interactive 3D interfaces. He is a former president of the French-speaking data mining society.




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