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Doctoral Research Workshop

A full-day Event:   Tuesday 10 July 2012, Time: 10:30 -16:30

10:00 Registration

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4th Doctoral Research Workshop

Information Visualisation

Organised by

Information Visualisation Society

In cooperation with

Visualisation & Graphics Research Unit, LSBU

LIRMM CNRS Univ. Montpellier II 

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Wednesday 11- Friday 13 July 2012

09:00 Registration

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16th International Conference on Information Visualisation


- Visualisation

Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments –

- BioMedical Visualization –

- Geometric Modelling and Imaging -


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Visualisation Social Networking Event

Evening classic tour of the historic centre followed by French cuisine

Text Box:  This tour will explore the oldest part of Montpellier that takes you back 1000 years into the past of the city, along the streets, where you can observe, vaulted ceilings, characteristic of the Middle Ages. Using street names as a starting point, your guide will describe how people lived during the Middle Ages, occupations and employment spread through old Montpellier at that time.


Place de la Comedie than the Canourgue or Peyrou, through the maze of medieval streets, let yourself be guided and discover Montpellier through the ages. After an introduction on the history of the city you undertake on the old path of pilgrims of St Jacques de Compostela, you will discover the facades of hotels Individuals the seventeenth century and eighteenth century. You will stop at the scene that greeted St Roch, Rabelais and Jacques Coeur ... You will visit the mikvah (Jewish ritual bath) medieval jewel. Finally, after tracing the era of great haussmaniens work in the city, the guide will show you Montpellier in an unusual aspect: from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

The highlights of tour are visit:


La Place de la Comédie

Le Mikvé :   The Jewish ritual bath, medieval gem, built in the 13th century, is one of the oldest and best preserved in Europe.

 La Cathédrale St Pierre (St Peter's Cathedral): The former chapel of the Benedictine, built in 1364 in southern Gothic style in the orders of Pope Urban V, became a cathedral in 1536. It was restored in the 9th century by the architect Henry Rivoli.

La Faculté de Médecine (The Faculty of Medicine): In the 12th century, and throughout the Middle Ages, students will not to a specific Text Box:  location to attend conferences, but among their masters.

L’Arc de Triomphe et la Place du Pérou (The Arc de Triomphe and Place of Peru) :  Built in the late 17th century in honor of Louis XIV


Dinner in the town: Welcome guests in the contemporary brasserie by Jacques and Laurent Pourcel. The cocktail and dinner are served on the terrace, With favourable weather.


COST:  Registered Delegates at subsidised rate of:   50 euro per person

             Guest of delegates at subsidised rate of:         60 euro per person


Please confirm your attendance for this social event by Monday 2nd July 2012.  Payment for this if possible should be settled with registration fee, otherwise tickets and payment can be finalised at the conference registration desk.




DArt2011: DIGITAL ART GALLERY Online Exhibition

Open: July 2012 – June 2013


DIGITAL ART GALLERY Online Exhibition is now available at:


For further enquiries, please contact conference coordinators


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