Symposium on Advances in Interactive and Visual Data Clustering


Visual and interactive approaches have been developed for data clustering since several decades now with the aim of improving the discovery of clusters in unlabelled data. With the new challenges that result from the accumulation of large and complex datasets, efficient visual data clustering requires the study and implementation of new and advanced methods. The aim of this symposium is to let researchers make a state of the art, discuss their ideas, present recent advances and results within the context of data clustering and visualizations or interactive methods.


The scope of the symposium will cover all aspects of visual and interactive data clustering. This includes many different issues like:


     How can the domain expert create clusters from an interactive visualization of large and/or

     complex data?

     How can standard clustering algorithms be combined and improved with visualizations and


     What methods may efficiently reorganize a visual structure in order to let clusters appear?

     What are the recent and successful applications of visual data clustering?

Topics covered, but not limited to, include:

         Visualization of clusters: maps, dendrograms, trees, matrices, 1D/2D/3D/nD ...

         Clustering algorithm that produce visual results: Self-Organizing Maps, hierarchical agglomerative clustering, biomimetic algorithms, proximity graphs

         Cooperation between clustering and visualization algorithms

         Reorganization of visualizations, rearrangement clustering, matrix or tree reordering

         Interactive discovery of clusters, other interactions with clusters in visualization

         Visual analytics and data clustering

         Handling large and complex data: Bioinformatics, Social networks, attributes-values, sequences, trees, graphs

         Parallel implementation of visual clustering approaches

         User and case studies


Submission procedures:

Further information:

All enquiries concerning Advances in Interactive and Visual Data Clustering should be addressed to symposium chairs:

Dr. Hanane Azzag, University of Paris 13, France

Dr. Mustapha Lebbah, University of Paris 13, France

Prof. Gilles Venturini, University Francois Rabelais of Tours, France

All other enquiries and submissions should be addressed to:
Conference Co-ordinator

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